Save Gillies Hill

Our Purpose

Save Gillies Hill was originally formed to campaign against a planning application that would enable the reactivation of Murrayshall quarry. We will always strive to stop the reactivation of the quarry permanently but after 15 years our legal options have been exhausted.

0ur main campaigning priority now is to protect and preserve the grove of five sequoia trees. We will put all of our efforts into ensuring that the five sequoia trees, a community landmark, will be left standing to take pride of place in the future restoration of the quarry.

Our Successes

Quarrying would have started in 2007 without the significant efforts of Save Gillies Hill, the Cambusbarron Community Council, and the exceptional support of the community. We will always be proud that we were able to stall the quarrying for this length of time.

Our Challenge

Unfortunately, in 2021, The Scottish Government's Planning and Environmental Appeals Division sided with Patersons Quarries. Patersons Quarries now have the legal right to proceed with constructing a new access road. The quarry can be reactivated until at least 2042 under the existing 1984 permissions.

The grove of five sequoia trees are now at imminent risk of being destroyed. We need to work together to convince the quarry company of the sequoia trees historical, environmental, and community value. We need the quarry company to commit to protecting and preserving the sequoia trees for the future.